M.NT68676.2A HDMI DVI VGA AUDIO LCD/LED Controller Board LVDS DIY 2048*1152 Free shipping

M NT68676 2A HDMI DVI VGA AUDIO LCD LED Controller Board LVDS DIY 2048 1152 Free
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M NT68676 2A HDMI DVI VGA AUDIO LCD LED Controller Board LVDS DIY 2048 1152 Free
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1. Please make sure that your LCD is ok before bidding this item, or you will be responsible for the incompatibility.

2. If you concern much about resolution setting, please reconsider before bidding! But you could choose programmer here to solve.

3. We will try our best to prepare the right kit for you, such as writing the corresponding program into the controller board, selecting the suitable LVDS cable and the suitable inverter. But as we don’t have an LCD exactly as yours at hand, we can just test the controller with our own LCD. For yours, you need to test it yourself to check if it works well or not. As you know, there are so many LCDs with many varieties in the market, sometimes we can’t promise the exact compatibility. Please consider it before bidding! However, we have gained many success in preparing the kit for our customers in real store. So why not have a try to get surprise!

4. If you are not specialized in electronics or have doubts in operation, please contact us for instruction, as we are not able to responsible for wrong operation.

5. After finishing the connecting, please don’t rush to power on! First, use multi-meter to test whether the GND of the LCD is connected with the GND of the controller board. If not, please check the connection again. If yes, please test whether there is a short circuit between the red wires and black wires of the LVDS cable. If there is a short circuit, it means opposite connection or other errors. Any problem, please feel free to contact us. DIY needs a certain professional knowledge, please kindly take the responsibility of the risk. No metal contact is allowed when powering on the controller board, otherwise short circuit may occur, which may cause unavailability of the controller board.\

M.NT68676.2A HDMI DVI VGA AUDIO LCD/LED Controller Board LVDS DIY 2048*1152 Free shipping

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Condition: New

Function: Turning a bare LCD panel into a working screen. Especially good for reusing old laptop LCD screen (in good condition, but mother board died)


M.NT68676.2A controller is suitable for Asia-Pacific market. It can support LED/LCD panels which resolution is up to 2048×1152.

M.NT68676.2A controller can synchronize with computer automatically. Synchronization requires the synchronous signal which horizontal and vertical sync are separated

M.NT68676.2A controller can support dynamic contrast control, headphone input and Digital volume control simultaneously.

Top view of M.NT68676.2A controller

Front view of M.NT68676.2A controller


MARKET AREA Asia-pacific
OSD LANGUAGE simplifie Chinese,Traditional Chinese, English,French,German,Spanish, Portuguese,Japanese,korean(optional)
Interface Single/Dual LVDS(8bit)
Max-Resolution 2048×1152
HDMI 480i,480p,576i,576p,720p,1080i,1080p
AUDIO INPUT PC Audio Earphone Input 0.2~2.0V.RMS
AUDIO OUTPUT Frequency Response 100Hz~15KHz ±3(1KHz,0dB refernce signal)
Max Output power

2x1W(8Ω) THD+N<10% 1KHz
(Power Supply:12V,Audio Input:0.5V.rms)

POWER Requirement 12V DC/12V(built)/12V,5V(built in )/12V,5V,5VSB(built in)
To Panel 3.3V/5V/12V
Management Standy Power Consumption<0.5W(Borad Only)

PCB Dimension:

Package includes:

a M.NT68676.2A controller, a suitable LVDS cable, a suitable inverter and a 5-key keypad.

This LCD Controller board has a HDMI+DVI+VGA+AUDIO port. It supports LCD displays with a LVDS interface. The max resolution that it supports is 2048*1152.

If you bid, please tell us the Display Model no. of your LCD, then we will check if it is compatible and choose suitable accessories for you.

The panel model no. can usually be found written on a sticker on the back of the LCD panel, and “SAMSUNG LTN150XF-L01” is an example.(disassemble it from its plastic shell and find the sticker)


1. Please make sure that your LCD is ok before you bid our item, or we will be not responsible for the incompatibility; all our items are

carefully tested before shipping.

2. No metal contact is allowed when powering on the controller board,otherwise short circuit may occur, which would further cause

unavailability of the controller board.

3. For large quantity, we can offer discounts; please contact us for details.

Firmware list (example, not all) for this M.NT68676.2A controller
















































HT12X21_351_SI6L_1024X768_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex G150XG03_V2_1024X768_SI8L_VER2_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex NVT_1024X768_SWAP_MAP_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex LTD121EA4X_SI6_1024X768_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex NVT_1024X768_SI6L_MAP1_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex LP097X01_SI6L_1024X768_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex G150XG03_V2_1024X768_SI8L_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex NVT_1024X768_SI6L_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex NVT_1024X768_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AA175AT02_SI8L_1280X768_5V_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_B101EW01_V1_SI6L_1280X720_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_LP154W01_TLA1_SI6L_1280X800_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_M185XW01_V0_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_M185XW01_VJ_SI8L_1366X768_5V_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_M190EG02_V4_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_M190EN03_V2_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_M201EW02_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_M215HW01_V0_MAP1_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_M215HW01_V0_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_M215HW01_V6_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_M215HW01_VB_MAP1_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_M215HW01_VB_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_M220EW01_V0_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_RDT271WLM_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex AUO_T650HVN04_0_DO8L_1920X1080_120HZ_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex B140XTN02_4_DO6DP_1366X768_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex B152EW01_SI6L_1280_854_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex B156HB01_V0_D06L_1920X1080_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex B156HW01_V0_D06L_1920X1080_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex B156XTN03_1_DO8T_1366X768_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230 B173HW02_V1_DO6L_1920X1080_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex B173RW01_1600X900_DO8L_3V_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex B173RW01_DO6L_1600X900_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex CLAA070NA01CT_SI6L_1024X600_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex CMO_M156BGE_L01_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex CMO_M185B3_LA1_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex CMO_M201P1_L03_C1_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex CMO_M215H1_L01_MAP1_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex CMO_M215H1_L01_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex CMO_M215H1_L01_SWAPOE_MAP1_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex CMO_M215H1_L01_SWAPOE_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex CMO_M215H3_LA1_1920X1080_5V_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex CMO_M236H1_L01_MAP1_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex CMO_M236H1_L01_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex CMO_M260J3_L01_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex CMO_V260H1_LE2_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex G104SN02_XGA_SI8L_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex G150XG03_V2_1024X768_SI8L_NT68676_5KEY_A_SCH_IR_I01_ADJ_0V_LOGO_NONE_R24276_20151230.Hex

Note: We promise to input the corresponding program into the controller board for you and try our best to select the right LVDS cable and inverter for you. But because we don’t have an exact LCD as yours at hand, sometimes we can just test the controller using our own LCD to see if it works. For yours, you have to test it yourself to see if it works well in your LCD. As we all know, there are too many LCDs with many varieties in the market; though our controller boards are compatible, sometimes we can’t promise the exact compatibility. Please think about it before bidding! Nevertheless, we’ve got many positive feedbacks from our customers who bought the LCD controller boards from us. Just take a try, you’ll get surprise!

How the controller board is connected in LCD? Have a look at this:

Step 1: take away the old LVDS cable and old inverter(if there is) from the LCD panel.

Step 2: connect our LVDS cable and inverter connector to the LVDS interface and backlight connector on your LCD panel.

Step 3: connect VGA cable/DVI cable/HDMI cable to controller board and PC/HDMI device.

Step 4: input power of 12V,4A.

About shipping

We will test them strictly before shipping.

We will arrange it in 1-3 working days after your payment. We only ship according to the shipping address. If you want to change shipping address, please contact us in advance in time.

Delivery time is approx:

United States / Canada/United Kingdom / France / Spain/ Switzerland/ New Zealand maytake 14-20 working days.

Eastern Europe may take up to 16-30 working days.

Italy / Brazil/ South America/Russia may take up to 30-50 working days.

Shipped by DHL Express (Need 3-6 working days to arrive) Please contact for DHL price.

Return Policy

All returns must be informed before returning.

If the item is damaged or can’t be used due to quality problem, then you can exchange it for a new one or get refund within 7 days after you receive ouritem. Shipping and handling charges cannot be refunded.Exchange or refund will be made after receiving the returning product. The return item and its accessories must be kept original and undamaged.

Exchange due to buyer wrong part ordered, buyer needs to pay 2-ways shipping fee.


If you are pleased with your purchase, please leave us positive feedback once receiving the item, and we will return the feedback upon you.

If you have any problem with the outcome of the transaction or product, please don’t respond wit negative feedback before contacting us. We will do our best to resolve your case ASAP.

Contact us

Bulk order is acceptable, low prices will be offered to you for bulk order.

Any questions please contact us! Thanks.

Our principles of doing business are: Customer-centric; Good Quality; Fast-response;
Instant-action; Professional-technique; and Smiling service

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