Verify Facebook Page! The Verification Process Is Started Facebook Pages in Bangladesh

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May 26, 2016
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Verified Facebook pages in Bangladesh

Facebook pages in order to verify a lot of people who have tried have failed, good news for them. The verification process has been started recently on Facebook pages. Pages can now be verified at hand!

Facebook pages verified by means of a Fan-page recognized, which is checked by the name of blue or gray color. Called the Blue Badge (Blue Badge) . If you’re a media personality, or if you know of any celebrity, a Facebook page in his name, then you will be able to verify them. Facebook, your brand, company or organization has a Facebook page, it can be also recognized as same way verified.

Facebook mentions a rule to verify the page. A verification form Verify the appeal has been made of the page. Tell in advance, in accordance with the rules of the documents was submitted, it will not be of any benefit. Verify pages it will not happen. Rich pages, but may be reduced. In fact, this rule is only recognized by the ministry or government official for Representatives.

That is the official representative of the person or pages on Facebook only accepts the application of verification agents! Bangladeshi verification agents can introduce you to verify your pages. If your course is a ‘high security’ certified websites will be completed, which will be made to the agent. An agent to submit your pages for verification of 1 to 14 days between the Facebook page will verify.

We’re referring to the rules below to verify your Facebook pages (for verification agents) –

  • Facebook profile or page to be added to the official website.
  • Hold on the profile or page link.
  • Wikipedia pages, category pages, or other public figure with reference to the website info meta tags.
  • Profile’s official website to verify your email domain calculated by adding e-mail addresses.
  • Mansion with iPhone apps to authenticate page.
  • If the administrator or admin page of its official website on e-mail domains involved.
  • About page (About) completely fill the part.

Follow these steps to verify immediately that the profile or page will be, but it is not. As mentioned earlier, ordinary users can not verify these pages. It is only for verification agent or power users.Most of the players were made to verify pages Bangladesh from India. However, other celebrities, musicians or politicians in Bangladesh to verify pages are a team.



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