Naked Angelina Jolie Image go on Sale in London

Naked Angelina Jolie Image go on Sale in London

Rare black and white photographs of a naked Angelina Jolie, when she was aged 20, have gone on sale at a London gallery for £1800. The actor-director posed for the stunning snapshots in 1995, according Contact music.

The images are on sale at London’s Zebra One Gallery. In one shot, Jolie, who turned 40 this year, sits with feet free and her knees grasp to her chest, while another highlights the star’s great beauty as she poses for a close-up and look into Garner’s lens.

Flexing her toes, Angelina shows off her dark eyes and luscious lips in the photographs. The mother-of-six is pictured catch  hold of her feet, drawing attention to her painted nails.image

Angelina Jolie is Hollywood’s front-most  female star and has accepted  herself as a director over the years too. Her upcoming film By The Sea, starring husband Brad Pitt, will open the AFI Fest, propose it may have some awards season potential.


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